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The Team

Galen Films produces social documentaries with a focus on children’s human rights. Over the past fifteen years, we have produced a trilogy of films that focus on the causes and best practice solutions to child labor, children on the streets and chronic poverty. We also advocate for children before government agencies, on campuses, at conferences and through our participation in a unique online community, MEDIA VOICES FOR CHILDREN.

Len Morris is a Member of the Directors Guild of America. Len began his career producing public radio, and he was a film editor and producer at ABC News, 20/20. Len is an independent producer and director of documentary films, videos and oral histories (of world leaders in government, business, academia, philanthropy and the arts). Len’s films have been broadcast on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, TNT and AMC and broadcast around the world. He has produced and directed all the Galen Films productions on this site. An advocate for children before Congress and internationally, Len’s speaking engagements range from universities to global conferences.

Len has made presentations to members of Congress and delivered the Frank Porter Graham Human Rights lecture at The University of North Carolina in 2005. He has also lectured at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University.

In 2008, Len co-founded MEDIA VOICES FOR CHILDREN, an online community for children’s rights, where he serves as Editorial Director and writes a weekly column. Today, Media Voices has over 120 content contributors.

In 2012, Len was the recipient of The U.S. Department of Labor’s, Iqbal Masih Award “For extraordindary efforts to end the worst forms of child labor.” In 2011, he received the Walter Cronkite Award for, “For his integrity, courage, commitment, leadership and vision for using the power of media to awaken the world to the causes and best practice solutions to child labor, children on the streets and chronic poverty.” In 2010, Len received the Images and Voices of Hope Award for his work on behalf of children’s rights.

Georgia Morris is a Member of the Writers Guild Of America, East. She is a writer and creative partner in Galen Films. Georgia’s work has been broadcast on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, TNT, and AMC. She has written most of the projects for Galen Films and is the Co-Director of Rescuing Emmanuel and The Same Heart. Georgia writes independent plays, screenplays and is working on her second book.

Petra Lent has worked with Galen Films for 25 years. She has co-produced, edited or associate produced all of Galen Film’s productions, as well as written publications, marketing and study guides. Petra is an accomplished editor, having worked in film, video and the digital environment.

Christopher Mara has worked with Galen Films for over 20 years as editor, technical supervisor and chief engineer. He is also a technical forum moderator and product development advisor for Avid Technology.

Barbara Dupree is Galen Film’s project manager and bookkeeper. She has worked with Galen Films for many years and delivers our financial news with realism but good spirits, a formidable task.